“Matt & Steve joined DDB in 2003, primarily to work on Dell, a rather difficult client to say the least. Within a year they had produced a piece of work for this client that appeared in D&AD. I guess this sums up these boys. They over deliver.
On all the 'tricky' clients they worked on, they produced something the Agency could be proud of. But it wasn't just these tricky clients that got the benefit of their talent. Volkswagen for one, were the lucky recipients. Although unfortunately they didn't buy one of the best print campaigns this Agency has produced for them in the last five years, courtesy of Matt and Steve. A campaign I am determined to sell before they give it to another car manufacturer.
I was truly sorry to see these boys leave.
I miss their talent, their hunger and their geekiness.”

Jeremy Craigen
Executive Creative Director
DDB London

"The freelance market is fraught with problems. All too often you get expensive teams and work you're not happy with. Matt and Steve are the opposite of that - talented, hard working and decent blokes. A freelance team you can rely on.
I can't recommend them highly enough."

Ben Priest
Executive Creative Director
Adam & Eve

"Matt & Steve are always front of mind when I'm looking for additional creative resource; the only problem is they're so good I can rarely get them!
They're good, nice, very hardworking and diligent. They are very professional and take ownership and responsibility for their work, never failing to deliver. They understand how to interrogate briefs and always 'nail it', producing consistently fresh ideas. I can't recommend them highly enough, even though I'd like to keep them for myself!

Peter Wardle
Creative Workload Director
BBH London

"Matt and Steve are everything one could ask from a freelance team – experienced, resilient, hardworking and talented.
Years ago, before political correctness, David Ogilvy said, ‘We employ gentlemen with brains’. He would have hired them on the spot."

Greg Burke
Executive Creative Director
Blue Hive

“Matt and Steve’s initial responsibility was to creatively service a big retail account but it quickly became clear they were a bit special. They went on to deliver top quality creative work across all DDB's accounts winning several awards along the way.
As well as being tremendously talented, both Steve & Matt are an absolute delight to work with. I can't recommend them highly enough.”

Rowland Johone-Smith
Operations Director
Hooper Galton

“I worked with Steve and Matt for six years. During this period they proved to be a fantastic team, creating outstanding work across the breadth of the agency’s clients.
They are an incredibly reliable team, turning great work around on difficult briefs. And a real inspiration to work with.
Steve worked as my Deputy Head of Art for the last three years. It was reassuring to know that I could rely on such a great Art Director to help out. He really cares about his craft. He also has the perfect sensibilities to deal with account directors/clients - and an intrinsic ability at knowing which battles are worth fighting. He consistently proved himself as a brilliant Head of Art in my absence.
Please contact me if you would like more information on this truly brilliant team. I genuinely know that they would be a fantastic contribution to any creative department.”

Grant Parker
Head of Art
DDB London